Student Testimonials

~Beverly-USA; Path of the Faery Doctor Student

Could not be happier with this course! I loved it! Joanna is an amazing teacher, mentor and writer! I had searched online for a class like this everywhere and I knew as soon as I found this school that I had found my path. Joanna is a Faery on Earth, there is no other explanation. I will be a life long student of yours. Please make more classes!


~Jennifer-USA; Path of the Faery Seeker Student

The information provided within these lessons is beyond compare. Not only are they written beautifully but they have personal experiences and witty humor added so that I feel like Joanna has been a friend for years and years. Her experience with Faery is amazing and I am so happy that I found this school’s website.


~Sara-USA; Path of the Faery Seeker Student

Words just cannot convey how deeply this class has touched my life. I am about half way through my 13 courses and I have learned more in each lesson then I have for a years’ worth of training from other websites. I am honored to be a student at this school and I look forward to doing the lessons so much I do them more than once! The lessons are informative, charming and full of knowledge and first-hand experience. Thank you from my heart and thank you for rekindling my relationship with Faery!


~Matthew-USA; Path of the Faery Seeker Student

Joanna has a deep understanding and love of Faery and it comes through in every word she writes. These lessons are not only filled with invaluable information but she writes in a way that lets you as the student know her and laugh with her. The lessons are direct and practical as they show you how to work with Faery, this was what I signed up for and I am actually doing it! There is not a lot of useless fluff in these lessons, they are a joy to read over and over.


~Diana-United Kingdom; Path of the Faery Seeker Student

I have taken online classes over the internet now for a few years as I am unable to travel to take classes all over. One it is too costly and two, I am disabled. There is nothing out there like these lessons. They are full of information that is so wondrous, I could hardly put the lessons down. As these are all go at your own pace, I found it very difficult to take my time, I wanted to get through the lessons and learn all there was! Don’t let any of the prices sway your decision to sign up, they are well worth the money! Thank you Joanna and The Sidhe Grove for creating a class worthy of Faery, I know they have blessed you in all your workings. Please continue to create more classes for all of us to enjoy!


~Steven- USA; Path of the Faery Doctor Student

An amazing class that is filled with wisdom beyond anything that is currently out there. I finished my class about 2 months ago and I am already seeing clients for my Faery Doctoring Practice. Never did I expect that would happen so soon. Thankfully the classes really prepared me for this work and although I was nervous at first, all the lessons came back to me and each session has been better and better. I loved that class and often find myself reading over the lessons only to find additional wisdoms that I missed the first time. Joanna is a delightful writer and her love of Faery shines brighter than the sun. Keep going!!


~Aradia-United Kingdom; Path of the Faery Seeker Student

The content of this class was so well written, scholarly and informative yet written like a tale from a good friend in front of the fireplace sipping tea! I am so happy to have found this school. I will be enrolling in the Path of the Faery Doctor next!